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The following photos are for your enjoyment and viewing of a visual insight into the affiliated tribes’ culture that they are willing to publicly share with you. The tribal representatives are invited by the Native Voices Program to share their culture verbally or through demonstrations and presentations, and sometimes when we are lucky, we are invited to their homes to get a personal insight into their lives as they balance between their modern contemporary lives and traditional cultural lives.

Please enjoy the photos and if you wish to use the photos, please provide acknowledgement and copyright to Native Voices on the Colorado River Program. Click on the link below to view Flicker photos. 

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Native Voices River Trip

Video Preview

In April of 2011, the Native Voices of the Colorado River Program invited members from the affiliated tribes to embark on an 10 day collaborative river trip to openly discuss appropriate cultural information that can be shared with non-Native members of the river community. With the permission of the tribal members, individual and group interviews and discussions were video and audio-taped and will be shared via the Native Voices website beginning in spring 2012.

Preview of the upcoming short video of the April 2011 Native Voices river trip down the Colorado River, Grand Canyon.  We are aiming to have a short video of the river trip available for viewing on our website by early spring 2012.

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